Subscription Offer
Device + Skincare

Free and fast delivery

28 days – Satisfied or money back


Subscription Offer
Device + Skincare

Easy. Practical. Economical.

    • Save £40 on the LAB device.
    • Save 30% on all of your skincare orders.
    • Delivered automatically, every month.
    • Maximum flexibility guaranteed.

    With the Subscription Offer, you become your own skin care expert, combining capsule DUOs adapted to your skin and its needs.

    You will receive your capsules delivered to your doorstep every month and will be free to adapt your choice of capsules according to your desires and seasonal preference at anytime.

    Device £139 + £49/month for the skincare

    (Instead of £179 + £70/month)

    The advantages of the Subscription Offer

    The device
    In Sand or Mimosa colour


    £139 (-22%)

    The skincare
    28 skincare doses


    £49/month (-30%)

    28 day free trial included

    3 months


    Every 28 days

    Skin Diagnosis

    Unlimited access

    Unlimited access

    My DUOLAB Club

    Recycling Points

    Send us back your used capsules to receive free capsules and accessories

    Recycling Points

    Send us back your used capsules to receive free capsules and accessories

    1 "Welcome" online consultation

    with our Skincare Experts

    6 online consultations per year

    with our Skincare Experts

    New products

    Exclusive and preview access to our new products

    Additional device

    50% discount offered on the purchase of a second device

    1 Discovery Pack

    free for any purchase of an additional device

    Birthday gift

    Receive a gift for your birthday every year
    Discover My DUOLAB Club

    How it works

    DUOLAB United Kingdom

    1. Select your favourite capsules

    Choose your capsule DUO:

    • 1 Moisturising Base, depending on your skin type or the season

    • 1 Concentrated Booster to meet your current needs.

    DUOLAB United Kingdom

    2. Monthly top up deliveries!

    As simple as it is fast, automatic replenishment ensures you never run out.

    It's the perfect choice for tailor-made, waste-free skincare.

    DUOLAB United Kingdom

    3. Total flexibility and control

    Your capsule subscription should match your changing lifestyle, your schedule, seasons and needs. So yes, feel free to adjust your capsule selection by logging into your Account at any time. It's quick, easy and at no extra cost.

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